Three Simple Precautions for Keeping Your Tractor in Good Condition

29 January 2020
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If you have purchased a new tractor for your farm, you should plan for its regular upkeep. In general, these power vehicles are designed to perform well in adverse conditions and withstand constant stress. However, they are not completely resistant to damage or wear. If your tractor is neglected after acquisition, there will be gradual deterioration of components. Over time, the tractor might break down due to the degradation. Therefore, it is important to protect your investment and minimise operational downtime by conducting recommended maintenance. Here are simple tips for promoting long service and better performance from your tractor.

Check for Leaks

There are fluids in the tractor, and these are critical for the function of the vehicle. The purposes of these fluids include cooling, lubricating and moving attached components. If the levels of these products decline, there will be operational anomalies. In addition, the tractor will wear out fast because of issues like overheating and friction.

Therefore, you should make time to check the quantity of the various fluids on a regular basis. Take note of unusual decreases in the indicated levels because this is often an indicator of a leak. All leaks must be sealed immediately to avoid the high costs of fluid replenishment, tractor systems strain and contamination of your farm.

Inspect the Battery

It is important to make time for a battery inspection. This power unit is critical for the operation of the vehicle. Moreover, if the battery is compromised, you will not have the comforts of modern tractors. You should check the battery and assess the external condition. Wipe the surfaces to eliminate dust and brush the terminals to eliminate corrosion residues. Also, check the connecting cables and make sure that they are in a good state.

If the connecting wires have signs of damage lke melting, fraying and breakage, plan for immediate replacement. If your battery is left idle for a long time during periods of tractor disuse, it will discharge. Therefore, plan on avoiding complete disuse of the tractor. Alternatively, consider recharging your battery using a charger before connecting it to the tractor when you resume use. This will minimise alternator strain.

Maintain Attachments

Finally, you should remember that maintaining a tractor includes caring for the attachments. The specific upkeep procedure for your equipment will depend on the accessories used on your farm. For instance, if you use the tractor for cutting grass, you might need to sharpen the blades. Ploughs and loaders will need regular cleaning and repairs for structural dents. 

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