Subtle Benefits of Replacing Processed Dog Food With Fresh Farm Produce

22 June 2021
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Why should you be the only one eating healthy food while your dog's only option is a bag of kibble from a local pet food store? Most pet food manufacturers claim that their products are the healthiest in the market. While some manufacturers can back up the claims, others use it only as a marketing gimmick. Therefore, if you care about your dog's health, you should consider farm produce instead of solely relying on processed foods. This post highlights the subtle benefits of farm-produced dog food.

More Time with Your Dog

Preservatives and fillers are common in commercial dog food, but they can do a number on your furry friend. Besides messing with your pet's digestion, the additives can make them overweight. Over time, you will notice that your dog is not as active as before. For instance, if you walk your pet every evening but it starts to gain weight gradually, your evening walks will drop to a couple of days a week. Similarly, playtime with your dog in your backyard will reduce significantly. Therefore, as long as you keep feeding your dog commercial unhealthy food, they will grow fat and move less. On the other hand, feeding your dog fresh farm produce boosts their energy levels and improves their playfulness. With high energy levels, you can spend more time with your pet.

Softer Coats

If you have ever cuddled your dog close and felt prickly and dry fur rubbing against your skin, the last thing you think about is their diet. In most cases, pet owners attribute rough fur to poor grooming, and you would not be wrong for thinking that way. However, if your pet's coat does not get better even after several trips to a professional groomer, you should review their diet. The fillers and preservatives in highly processed dog food affect healthy fur, denying you soft cuddles from your pet. Farm dog food is rich in nutrients, such as omega oils, essential for healthy fur growth. The nutrients hydrate a pet's skin, leaving the fur feeling soft.

Customised Food

Some pets are extremely picky eaters and tend to struggle with processed food. It can make life difficult for your pet since they may have to go through dozens of food brands before finding something they like. Fresh produce is different because it allows you to customise your pet's food according to their preference. For instance, if your dog dislikes certain vegetables or fruits, you can substitute them with fresh products containing a similar nutritional value. Your dog will enjoy mealtimes because they will be eating something different regularly.