How Making Your Dog Happy Starts With Their Diet

22 January 2020
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Becoming a pet owner is a much bigger responsibility than most people might realise at first glance. Sure, there are lots of fun things that you get to do, such as playing with your dog, taking them for walks, and treating them with toys and snacks. However, if you want your dog to have a happy and fulfilling life, there are also many hard things you have to do and research you must undertake to keep them in good spirits with a clean bill of health. All of this starts from their diet, and that is why it is so important that you understand what, exactly, it is you are feeding your canine friend. 

Individual Needs

Not all dogs have the same dietary requirements, and buying a one-size-fits-all option does a disservice to your pups. Think about just how often your pooch eats the same dog food, and you will begin to realise why it is important to match your dog to an appropriate option. When searching for dog food, you need to consider your dog's size, age, and breed. While knowing a dog's age and size makes sense for their food, you may wonder what the individual breed has to do with it. Simply put, some breeds are more active and have a higher metabolism than others, thus requiring more nutrition in their dog food.


Now that you have narrowed down the field of dog food to one that matches your dog's age, size and breed, you can begin looking at the available options. When looking at ingredients in dog food, look for brands that have higher meat and vegetable content. Also, make sure the type of meat and vegetables that are in the food are specifically named. Avoid dog foods that have any artificial colouring and sweeteners (a dog does not care what colour its food is; this is purely a marketing gimmick for you). You also want to find a dog food that has a low amount of "filler" like grains, and one that has a high water content, as this indicates the meat used is fresher.

Mix It Up

Dogs enjoy variety in food just like humans, so make sure to give them a bag of a special treat every few days. Adding some fresh meat, like chicken or specific wet dog food (as opposed to the more common dry dog food discussed above) is a good way to ensure they get fresh food and important minerals and vitamins into their system. It is also just a nice thing to do for your dog; after all, would you enjoy eating the same meal every day? Keeping your dog happy means giving them variety in their diet and making sure the materials involved are all of high quality.